Case Study On Massmart Mentoring

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Reading the case study involving Thabo and Chrissie has shown that no matter how long you have been doing an activity there is always room for growth and something new to learnt from it every time you take a fresh perceptive on it. The lesson I fell the case study has instilled is that we should always make aim to better ourselves through the observations of others what we think still works may not be true. In the following Essay will firstly cover what competent coaching and mentoring would be able to solve in Massmart and secondly what it cannot be able to solve.
In regards to Massmart Mentoring can lead the following as indicated by (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants , 2008) .With competent mentoring implemented at Massmart it would increase the …show more content…

By mentoring it would create communication lines that weren’t there before due to the power distance that exists between certain employees mentoring would bridge the gap between that
Thirdly the implantation of mentoring allows individuals to gain a greater insight into the organisation’s workings (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants , 2008). Sometimes as employees we only stick to what we know and never allow ourselves to go out of our comfort zone. By not just focussing on our job only we will be able to learn a different skill
Lastly it may be a great opportunity to give individuals the chance to meet different people within the organisation, and to network (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants , 2008), Massmart I a big company and we do not know each other mentoring can be an opportunity or others to know individuals from other sides of the

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