Case Study On Psychotrauma

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The Greek word for “wounded” – trauma – encompasses two major domains: physical trauma and psychological trauma (psychotrauma). Psychotrauma is the experience of an emotional wound or shock of lasting effect (O’connor, 2005). In this case report, it will be examined how Jane is affected by her traumatic experience of self-injection, and how she coped with her anxiety.
Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at the age of 19, Jane struggled to accept the diagnosis that is typically diagnosed in older patients. The initial round of medication was aggressive, which included medicine used to treat cancer. This saw the young patient having to ingest more than 10 pills daily. It was only until a year later when she changed
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Translated from Swedish to English, the 18-item IPSA describes anxiety-provoking situations, rated on a 0 to 4 Likert scale (range 0 to 72), ranging from “no anxiety” to “max distress”. Also translated from Swedish, the IPSAV comprises of the same items as the IPSA. The situations, however, are measured for avoidance on a scale of 0 to 2 (range 0 to 36), with 0 being “never” and 2 being “always”. Results
Jane had a score of 45 on the IES-R (Appendix E). On this test, a score higher than 24 can be meaningful. Jane’s score of 45 falls into the range of “37 or more”, which has a consequence of the symptoms being high enough to suppress one’s immune system’s functioning, even 10 years after an impact event. Comparatively, this translates to a score of approximately 39, on the original IES. According to Jane’s results on the IES-R, she experienced symptoms from the three sub-scores – avoidance, intrusion and hyperarousal.
Moreover, the considerably high scores of 48 and 31 on the IPSA and IPSAV (Appendices C and D) respectively, further reinforces the anxiety and avoidance symptoms that Jane experienced. This gives us the consensus that Jane was under tremendous distress as a result of the ongoing traumatic experience of self-injecting.
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