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She could feel herself zoning out with each and every passing minute Regan stared at the computer screen. She had been slipping in and out of consciousness for the last hour and she wasn’t even halfway through the scrolling list of investigation questions. Her eyes felt blood-shot and a burning raw pain had been growing in her upper back for quite some time now. It ached no matter how or where she sat in her spinning office chair. Everyone else had long since left the police department except for a sole few including herself and the assorted night-shifters. They would probably be here for a few more hours at least. After Regan and Zayne had put the four teens in a holding cell, Zayne had decided to go back to whatever place he called a …show more content…

Settling with a simple answer of n/a, she hoped that it would be acceptable. Despite this, Regan couldn’t help wondering, racking her mind for any possible logical or illogical answers. It could have been a power rebel but how could anyone possess that power? The power to control death. But at this point, Regan just wanted to go sleep, for a long time. Sadly right now she had to finish this, it would be better to just try and banish all other distractions from her mind, including him. How was it feasible for one person to drive me up a wall at one minute and the next have me yearning for his jokes? The sensation in her back had risen from an aching pain to a burning sharp feeling in between her two shoulder blades and next to her spine. Every moment incited a wince from Regan as she attempted to decipher the source of the unusual feeling. Off the top of her head this wasn’t growing or back pains, no, she had experienced both of those and they didn’t it anyway compared to this. Trying to keep her mind off her back she turned to the next question, as she covered a yawn with her hand. The next question read “Were there any witnesses?” She blearily wrote, “Yes, there was one witness, Jo Ryans. She was the girlfriend and is spoken for during the time of the murder.” Regan had no desire for Jo to get in trouble for a crime Regan was sure she hadn’t committed. Giving short

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