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Class: MBA 602 Organizational Behavior and Management From: Chitra Arivalagan (770099290) To: Dr. Maria Nathan Writing Assignment-1 Strategic Design at Dynacorp 1. If you were on the Dynacorp task force, what would be your first choice for an alternative design? What would be your second choice?. Answer: If I am on the Dynacorp task force, my first choice for an alternative design would be front /back structure of strategic design. This structure divides the organization into two parts such that the back end products which include engineering, manufacturing and the logistics and the front end is faced by the marketing and sales division. As Dynacorp is spread across the US and as well as the world, this front/back…show more content…
This division can sit down and analyses the methods or the strategies for the same which in turn can be implemented by the back end of the structure. This structure can be explained in the following diagram: Managing Director Managing Director Director(marketing ) Director(marketing ) Director(HR) Director(HR) Director(Finance) Director(Finance) Director(Prj/prg) Director(Prj/prg) Director(Manufacturing) Director(Manufacturing) Director(Engineering) Director(Engineering) China China Europe Europe USA USA India India Ba Back end Front end The second choice for the alternative design for Dynacorp would be Functional / Product matrix of strategic design. Dynacorp manufactures a range of products in the field of global information systems and communications. Since it has the major functional structures defined such as engineering, manufacturing and marketing, it can be linked to the various products Dynacorp manufactures. This allows comparatively easier transformation from the existing structure. 2. Which of the problems of the current design would your chosen design addresses? What problems (if any) would not address? Are there any new problems to which it might lead? Answer: The current strategic design of Dynacorp is the Functional Grouping structure with three major divisions such as engineering, manufacturing and marketing. My chosen design is front/back structure, and it addresses the problems faced by Dynacorp

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