Case Study Questions: Strategic Planning And Supply Chains

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Q6: You mentioned that your company is trying your best to manage supply chain, how your company manage supply chain? Which strategic planning and operational decisions your company should make?
The interviewee said that successful supply chain management required a lot of decisions about information, products, and capital flows. All of these decisions are for one purpose: to maximize the supply chain surplus then gain the profits. When Giordano did business in Chinese mainland, materials were distributed for assembly to a network of small factories that were mostly in city suburbs. Furthermore, there were three steps when they managed supply chain. First at all, they made a Strategy. Giordano decided how to build supply chains within the next few years. Some of the strategic decisions that they made is the location of stores and warehouses. They also decided the mode of transport to deliver the products. What is more, their company made long-term marketing plans. Then they made the decisions about manufacturing industry and choice of their suppliers. Secondly, they made one plan. The goal of their plan is to maximize the supply chain surplus under the constraints of the strategic. In their plan, they planned their seasonal sales and what clothes they should sell. Finally, they began to work. The time frame was weekly which means that the decision aimed at a single customer order. And they determined where to allocate their inventory through the orders. They also scheduled employees' work hours and assignments, as well as
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The interviewee said that for customer, he thank the key factors of successful deal-making was to understand customer's needs. Being able to satisfy customer’s needs could promote the sales. For company, if you want to have a successful deal-making, you need to let them know they could get the profits they want in the deal. And he said the reputation also was very
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