Case Study Recommendation For Sandtrap Management

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Recommendation for Sandtrap management
To make an ethical decision is not easy, especially in business. There are a lot of consideration to be put in place before the final decision is made.
In this case study, Fred as the owner of the restaurant have to consider the revenue for the off-season months as he will still needs to maintain same operating cost thru out the year.
Fred had tried many ways to bring up the business during the off-season months but only having all of its female waitress to wear low cut and tight fitting shirts and very short shorts works well. Conscience rights this is not the way that he should proceed them, he should try rather than having the waitress to dress sexy, he could do it other ways like hiring professional …show more content…

These does not only benefits the stakeholders, but also the reputation of the organizations for long term. Doing business unethically might have a results instantly but the damage will be in a long run, where doing it ethically will have a long term results.
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