Ryanair Executive Summary

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Introduction This article is focusing on the Ryanair case study in addition to understand the main model and values in the strategic management field. In addition, Ryanair is founded in 1985 and it’s an Irish low cost airline which has become Europe most popular aviation providers (Eleanor, 2016). 1. Resources The resources of an organisation are those assets that deliver value added in the organisation (Lynch, 2015). According to the resource-based view, firm performance is achieved through competitive advantage that derives from the application of resources that are valuable, rare, difficult to imitate and unable to substitute (Barney, 1991). 1.1 Types of Resources Tangible resources A secure financing capability allows the firm to guarantee …show more content…

Ryanair increase the number destinations operated because of the creation new branches located in different countries. Ryanair management has a control system that supports the implementation of leadership, this includes tight cost control system, performance objectives, long run goals and objectives, activities to deliver a unique mix value, flexibilities and cost, operational strategy modernised, commitment to low cost travel and in addition, allocation of resources for carrying out extraordinary growth of the business. 1.4 Conclusion To be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, Ryanair has to be more adaptive and innovative than ever before in providing superior quality service. Ryanair should develop its market globally. Ryanair resources and capabilities combined them to make more competences in low cost strategy to enjoy profit margin. However, the current strategy focuses on the benefit of a cost leadership generic …show more content…

Moreover, power and market cultures have not altered since its formation and the CEO transformed the company’s cultural artefacts, values and basic assumptions. Control- the CEO, Michael O’Leary makes all the control roles and Ryanair management adopts a strict power over its employees. Ritual and Routines- the daily tasks are completed in less time. However, Ryanair empowerment remains an integral part of a strategy for motivation and commitment. The Paradigm- cost cutting policies are applied in every organisation aspects. The introduction of the self-sustaining and self-enforcing culture are the collective experience of competition in the airline industry. 3.5 Conclusion In conclusion, it is established that the sustainability of Ryanair depends on the fact that some employees are driven to work in this major carrier firm as they feel associated by culture and style of the occupation. However, autocratic leadership style of Michael O’Leary known for strict decision on employees and has the total command of the team. In addition, good culture within organisation remains important building block that requires to gain

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