Case Study: The Case Of Bob And Sue

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Case – 2 The Case of Bob and Sue is a quite complicated one, the first situation they are in a furniture store. In the furniture store, Bob and Sue were looking to purchase a living room set and they found one, but they needed some time to check their finance before they make any decision. However, the salesperson from the furniture store assures them that he will hold the living room set for 10 days at $2500. He even went far to write the name of the unit, price and for how long it will be held. Plus, he signed the card and gave it to Bob. But when Bob returns to purchase the living room set on 9th day only to find out that it was sold. When he told the salesperson about the business card and about its content the salesperson laughed at him and told him that …show more content…

Bob discover in his sandwich, that there was a piece of metal in it and because of that he suffers a broken tooth. In Sue’s chicken roll sandwich, she found a chicken bone and she also suffers a broken tooth too. when they informed the manager, the manager blamed the supplier and decline anything wrongdoing. After hearing that my suggestion to Bob will he can either sued the Local diner or the supplier, but in Sue’s case, she should get her tooth repair at her own cost. In this particular situation, they both suffer from similar injury but the fact is Bob’s tuna sandwich contain a foreign object but Sue’s does not. Sue’s chicken sandwich contained chicken bone and chicken bones are natural byproduct part of the chicken. My suggestion to Bob will be he should go after the supplier and under the UCC Sec. 2-314 “implied warranty” Subd. 1 where it said if the byproduct that is not fit to consume, food or beverage then we can apply the implied warranty. In Bob situation, the injury caused by the byproduct which was not a natural byproduct, so Bob can bring an action against the

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