The Case Of Mr. Sam Superstar And Dr. Peters

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I reviewed the case of Mr. Sam Superstar and Dr. Peters, in regards to possible proceedings and to which party would be at fault. I have found that in this case both parties could be found at fault in many different violations, both civil and criminal. Therefore there could be possible proceedings brought against both parties. It shows many aspects, of many, violations of laws. These violations range from simple breach of contract to theft of property. We will need to look into the violations more in depth. Following you will find a summary of my findings.
Starting from the beginning, the original post the sale, on November 1, Dr. Peters wanted to sell 850 tubes of toothpaste. In the sale ad it states "Write me if wanting to accept". Therefore, Sam did in fact put a check in the mail the same day, November 1. This is considered to be a part of the mailbox rule in which "an acceptance sent via the postal system or by courier is effective when sent" ((Luizzo, A., 2016, pg. 127). Therefore, the acceptance of the sale is a contract between Sam and Dr. Peters. However, a written contract should have followed; as it states in the Statutes of Fraud that in order to be legally binding, sales dealing with "personal property of $500 or more" must "be in writing to be legally enforceable" (Luizzo, A., 2016, pg. 201). The two parties have entered into a valid and express contract.
The following day, November 2, the two, Sam and Dr. Peters, met in a local market and had a…
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