Case Study : The Female American Consultant

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Yunzhi Zhou
Peng Wang
Case Analysis of Living and Working in Korea
Synopsis of the Situation:
In this case, the female American consultant, Ellen Moore, is sent to South Korea as an expatriate project management representative to work on a project between a North American company, Western Systems Inc. (WSI) and a North Korean company, Korean Conglomerate Inc. (KCI). Even though Ellen has had international experiences working in Bahrain and two other successful projects in America, she still runs into issues. As an expatriate, Ellen supposes to have deep knowledge about North Korea or receives training on North Korea’s culture and custom, which she did not have any. The cross-cultural issues arise quickly after Ellen is in North Korea. And she faces to complete the project on schedule without help from Korean consultants; and the issue arises due to the cross-cultural diversity and custom, according to the Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory.
Identify and Analyze Key Problems/Issues:
Gender Issue:
Ellen was able to discover that the Korean consultants are far less skilled than her expectation upon her arrival. With the different directions that are given by both Ellen and the co-manager Jack on the project, the Koreans were not able to work efficiently or effectively and follow the agenda of the project timeline. Jack is an uncooperative yet arrogant man with no respect in females. In the end, Korean workers follows the directions on the project and insists…
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