Case Study Trung Nguyen

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Coffee sales in Vietnam's market grew at a rate of over 10% between 2011 and 2016. With a growth rate of about 15%, Trung Nguyen showed that they are growing better compared to the general level of the market. With such good growth, Trung Nguyen should continue its current financial plan and promote product development and distribution system.
7 Evaluation and Control
The evaluation of a strategy is the end stage of a cycle; evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy of the previous period to have an overview of quality of strategies for the next period. The method of the strategic audit will help the company to evaluate the perform effectiveness of the chosen strategies. The main objective of the strategic audit is to find out organizational strengths and weaknesses, assess our business strategy consistent with practical demands, and the competitive environment or not? Thereby, it enables to support the company launched adjustment measures when necessary.
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It can be said, Trung Nguyen coffee is a marvelous success of branding in Vietnam in recent years. In just 10 years, from a small coffee company located in Buon Me Thuot coffee capital, Trung Nguyen has emerged into a powerful corporation and has been present in all parts of the country. However, the rapid development of the coffee industry has resulted in the appearance of emerging brands in the country and the penetration of international rivals, the initial success of Trung Nguyen should be preserved and developed some strategies that refresh itself and promote its’ existing supremacy. Trung Nguyen will constantly innovate to bring to customers new products, quality deserves its reputation as well as well as develop the franchise system that made the name of Trung

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