Case Study: a Strategic Analysis of Amazon.Com in 1997 Essay

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Case Study: A Strategic Analysis of in 1997 Amazon has grown admirably from its initial beginnings as a small online bookseller to a giant superstore company. During this process of rapid growth, it has incurred significant losses and it becomes more expose to a greater competition and threats. Cutting costs and achieving profitability remain Amazon's greatest challenges. However, there are key factors such as a strong brand, providing customers with outstanding value and a superior shopping experience, massive sales volume and realizing economies of scale which contribute a lot to the success of this company.

Amazon took advantage of the growing market by capitalizing on a concept covered in the book by Kim Warren,
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Moreover, it has expanded from its existing business of selling books to selling a wide variety of products such as DVDs, music CDs, computer software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food and more (Wikipedia 2006). Similarly, Amazon aside from its domestically shared market also set up four other separate online stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan, thus shipping globally on selected products (cited in Haddad & Sheth 2001).
With its rapid growth and continuing expansion, has begun selling MP3s and has even expanded into movie production and is currently funding a film.
Along with the new products and services being offered, Amazon has setup separate sites for Canada and China.
Overview of the Online Industry
The population of the Internet and World Wide Web has raised fast since 1990s with the development and advancement of computer technologies. Many firms have launched their business through the Internet because of this technology innovation. This resulted in various and widely sales of products in the Internet business. Online buying grows at an amazing rate. Therefore, companies that carry out Internet based business have great opportunities to succeed. Conversely, there is a greater competition and threats are all around considering that many companies had entered the online business (cited in University of Texas at n.d.).
Corporate Partnerships
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