Case Study of Roche Diagnostics

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Roche Diagnostics Roche Diagnostics is part of the larger Roche company, and the subsidiary is focused on the application of "research and development to identify ways that diagnostic tests can help patients manage their health with individualized care" (case). The organization operates internationally and seeks to form its employees, as well as capitalize on their knowledge and skills in the best possible manner. (1) The company as such invests significant time and resources to train its staff members and an essential role in this sense is played by the global leaders. The global leaders are commonly understood as the managers in charge of international projects. They have to respond to a wide array of challenges pegged to international operations, such as the need to promote the company's culture in all its international facilities, to integrate the geographically and culturally diverse staffs, to implement different work practices based on regional differences or to overcome the time and cultural barriers (Bennett). The international leaders then are dynamic and highly professional individuals, who need to possess a keen understanding of management and be able to apply it within the global context. These individuals are formed as a combination of more efforts. For instance, they need to possess the personal skills and commitments to become global leaders, and then they have to receive the adequate support in this direction. The employer is commonly the one who
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