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Tara Premnath

A Case Study On The Globalisation And Strategic Reign Of ASOS Subject: Retail Branding and identity


This report analysis the strategic branding policies of the online retailer ASOS and comprehends its position in the global market. It evaluates the standardisation and adaptation techniques ASOS employed to become the no.1 online retailer in the world. The company vigilantly practices standardisation and adaptation in its brand architecture and distribution channels. Its branding policies have made way for its accomplishing market dominance. ASOS approaches the market with a faultless differentiation technique through its …show more content…

He termed it as a process of seeing the whole world as one by internationalising products and services in the market. He suggested the method of seeing the political, social, cultural and technological differences as a collective and to approach it with the same technique.
“Globalization in his words is the process that integrates and joins different nations and different people in various factors such as economically, politically and culturally to make one larger community. And this was possible with the help of technological advance as it is the job of breaking down the barriers consisting of distance and time”(Levitt 1983).

Throughout the years, globalisation has developed into, not just a technique of market approach but rather a necessity. With ever increasing improvements in transport, communication, and reduced trade barriers, international trading which was once considered a luxury is now a necessity in many sectors (Vrontis, D. et al 1999).
Organisations cannot sell previous season clothes or products to less developed markets. Countries all over, expect companies to approach them with the same products as services as the rest of the world. Thus organisations have realised that they have to standardise their products throughout the globe in order to get recognition.

Technological advancements have been at the highest rate ever since Levitt’s theory. The path of technological movement has been so far-reaching that organisations have used this path to

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