Case Study on Nurse and Client Relationships

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Care provided by a nurse is not limited to physical care. Instead, a therapeutic nurse-client relationship extends beyond physical needs ensuring that a client’s psychological and emotional needs are being met as well (National Council, 2013). In developing a relationship with a newly pregnant client, it is essential to understand common responses to pregnancy. Newly pregnant clients are often in a state of shock or disbelief, and any ambivalence detected by a nurse could simply be the result of the pregnancy not yet being acknowledged as “real” by the client (Lowdermilk & Perry, 2010). This is especially likely of an unplanned pregnancy in which there are few signs and symptoms. In developing a relationship with a client, a nurse must being willing to fully give of his or her self, identifying, empathizing, and addressing specific needs, and providing truthful and unbiased answers to questions (National Council, 2013).
In this case, a caring nurse must recognize that the client is not exhibiting eagerness for the pregnancy and respond accordingly. Rather than displaying the enthusiasm that a nurse may show with other clients, the nurse should maintain professionalism with the client and listen to her concerns and address each of them (Lowdermilk & Perry, 2010). Developing a trusting relationship with the client fosters an environment in which the client feels comfortable in discussing her health-related issues. This client is experiencing tender breasts and nausea.

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