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Case Summary
Marcus Wesson fifty seven years old lived in a small blue house in Fresno, California. In his house it was hell because he would have sexual intercourse with his own daughters and nieces. When he was about twenty seven years old he had met a girl who was only fourteen years old. This is where it all started Marcus Wesson and this thirthteen year old girl had two babies together, but she already had plenty more a total of ten children. Not only this but he married his own daughters with own ceremonies in his house. Some of his daughters and nieces were very young up to one to seven years of age. Marcus Wesson also had boys which were from his daughters and nieces he impregnated. Marcus Wesson first married his daughter who was twenty five years old and had sexual intercourse with her. Later on he married all of his daughters and nieces. Marcus Wesson would play with the girls private parts, he would touch them in certain areas, and he would also fully have sexual intercourse with them, and called this fatherly love. Marcus Wesson would brainwash his children that he was God, he also made his own Bible and would read it to them. Every time the children misbehaved or didn 't do what he asked them to do he would hit them with a stick. The children were very young from one to seven years old and they were trained to believe whatever Marcus Wesson had told them. Every child depends on their parents so all of these things Marcus Wesson taught them they were taught

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