Cases of Overcoming Hardship

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Hardship is something everyone must overcome at some point in their lives. Everyone deals with hardships differently. It is harder for some people to recover from hardship because of their family, friends, or even because they can’t find the will within themselves to deal with hardships. It would be easier for someone who is naturally determined and strong willed to overcome things because they have a inbred ability to conquer their fears and leave behind whatever it was that was making their life unbearable. If parents don’t support their kids decisions, such as Jeannette going to New York, then that can make it harder to triumph over things they struggle with. If friends don’t encourage someone to go on and make something better of themselves, they will hold them back and they will be stuck in the life everyone expects them to live. Many parents support their children to learn from their mistakes and make better choices than what they made when they were a kid and even now. Friends can be a huge part in trying to get over things that they are struggling from. With the right support and help from them it makes it that much easier to overcome hardships. The person struggling must find it within themselves to be a better person each day. Not everyone has the same chance of recovery, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. They may just have to worker harder, but that means the reward will be that much better. Jeannette started from the bottom, in a small town with an
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