Essay on Castles and Kings Crumble

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A phone call. That’s all it took to ruin what left of my day. One single, seemingly meaningless phone call. I could have just ignored it, then it wouldn’t have royally damaged what was remained of my stupid, tedious, unhappy assignment. It was a simple enough job, for the money at least. Put a neat crater into some business officials face, let his brains leak out, call to confirm, get the cash and leave. Easy. The stuck up prick went to the machines downstairs to get a pop at around 8:37 in the morning, roughly five minutes after he arrived in his posh, professional office probably with a gold or bronze name plate that showed he did none of the work but took all the credit. This bloke worked for five minutes then had to get something sugary and chock full of caffeine to drown himself in and no one would call him out on it, after all, he was the boss.
‘Boss’, I thought grimly, how much hatred I had for that term these days. For me that term was only used it for one man, my past employer. Everyone else I had worked for was either ‘sir’ or ‘Mr. Smith’ as the joke had it. Names were far too valuable of resources to be given to hired guns. I lost count of how many ‘Smiths’ I had worked for, met, or heard of. Even those that proved as useful as myself didn’t deserve to actually know the bigwigs names. But to me, there was only one Boss. Only one image associated with the word-
Pale. Shaking. Chest heaving.
God, I’m so tired.
Take care of yourself, Tiger.
-that doesn’t…