Cat Dissection

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The Cat Dissection lab consisted of various procedures ranging from skinning the cat to performing the likes of a brain surgeon in cutting it's brain out, but there were three major questions focused on when conducting the entire process. They included muscular differences between humans and cats, teeth and dental structure within the cat's mouth compared to a humans, and the third being the differences between a human's fingernails and the claws of a cat. These three questions provided the goal for the dissection of the feline. The interesting thing about felines such as this specimen Felis Catus is that even though it is a four pawed animal it also retains many of the various features humans have.

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Thus the advantages and disadvantages to both are clearly shown throughout the evolutionary process and the specimens today.

In order to hold onto prey and to keep it in its grasp Felis Catus has developed sharp claws to catch and hold prey. Unlike humans in this case the Felis Catus 's claws are

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