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1. List and briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages inherent to the food truck business model and as compared to traditional restaurants.

Food trucks have exploded into mainstream American cuisine. Once thought of as a cheap meal available at odd times of the night, street food has become a vehicle for chefs on the rise to make their mark on the food industry. Operating a food truck may seem like an easy task, but it can turn out to be a tremendous undertaking and risky financial venture. Operators must be prepared to lose money, to manage fixed costs, and to do constant forecasting in order to determine how much food to prepare. The advantages and disadvantages are numerous, but we will proceed to name a few.
Food trucks
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Food truck operators also hire smaller staffs, and are less exposed to risk.
Disadvantages include the mere appearance of reduced responsibility to its customers. As written in The Economist’s article “Moveable Feasts; Food Trucks,” “…businesses that sell food are suspect. And what could be more suspicious than an outlet that sells food and then drives away before customers expire?” This may be a bit of a satirical take, but the sentiment of fear is real. While a restaurant would be punished with poor reviews and possibly a lawsuit following a case of food poisoning, a food truck is seen as operating with impunity. If confronted by dissatisfied customers, the operator will simply find a different locale. They are pejoratively referred to as “roach coaches,” echoing the sentiment that their offerings are of low quality, unsafe, and should not be consumed. Brick and mortar restaurants are subject to inspections that food trucks are not, bolstering the doubts of skeptical diners. According to The Economist, food truck operators are typically required to cook their food in inspected commercial kitchens (“Moveable Feasts”). This is an added operational cost, but it can possibly be mitigated by having the chef’s private cooking area inspected by the relevant authorities. As expected, food truck operators have triggered the ire of local restaurant owners with whom they directly compete. Local restaurateurs argue that, “food
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