Catapult Communication

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Catapult Communications is an internet service provider selling unlimited broadband packages. Catapult employees a range of staff including Managers, Sales, tech, network and installation teams. Communication is a huge problem in the team between Barbra and the sales team employees. The problems that are amongst Catapult is that the sales team are missing targets and motivation morale is low. Things need to be changed and improved for Catapult to become up and running again. If things changed at Catapult and communication and motivation increased then sales would increase.

Communication: Sarah and the team
The Shannon and Weaver diagram consists of a sender who makes the message and sends the message. The transmitter is the sender who uses the message. The channel is the medium used to send the message. The receiver gets the message and provides feedback. The noise is anything that disrupts the information being sent. Sarah is the information source she is meeting staff individually face to face, Interruption …show more content…

(Business Dictionary) Catapult can set an aim to hit many sales that week each member should have a clear understanding what they need to accomplish (Berkley University of California) Sarah can set ground rules for the team about rules and regulations for team members and managers, ensuring all staff are keeping up to date with the code of conduct and what is administrated in Catapult. Sarah can encourage trust within the team by giving team members confidential feedback not only helping to help motivate them but also so they know there is trust to employee to manager. The positive outcomes for these would be that staff would be happier in the workplace knowing there are set roles and targets they should meet as a team. A sense of worth and knowing their value in the team and they are not alone. Motivated staff leads to higher productivity and higher productivity leads to greater

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