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Team Charter Form: Team C Petrona Campbell, Eliz Centeno Ortiz, Kenny Marshall, Perry Ishmael Peralta, Syed Saqib, & Shirrell Smith Walden University Team Charter Form: Team C Work Values • Accountability: We will take responsibility for our work and its outcomes. Mistakes are acknowledged, not ignored or passed on, or blamed on others. We will demonstrate a personal commitment to our team members and ourselves. • Attitude: We will display a positive attitude through kindness in our interactions with each other. • Innovation- We will strive to do things better by doing things differently, considering the complexities of the health care delivery system and a team of critical but progressive thinkers. • Academic Integrity:…show more content…
• To strengthen management skills necessary to ensure efficiency and leadership skills needed to cope with change as a result of the merger (Kotter, 2001). These include interpersonal skills relative to motivation, conflict management and constructive feedback. • To serve as a venue for collaboration in order to complete tasks necessary to achieve the merger in accordance to pre-determined timelines. To achieve stated goals that each member of the team could not achieve individually (Borkowski, 2009). • To encourage innovative thinking with a working environment characterized as positive, cooperative and participative (Borkowski, 2009). • To identify our strengths and weaknesses as a team and as individual members of the team and adopt corrective measures as we realize the challenges and benefits of teamwork. Member Roles and Responsibilities • Facilitator - Shirrell: The facilitator is in charge of keeping communication lines open among the members of the group. This individual is also tasked with assigning roles, ensuring that everyone contributes to the project and will communicate with the professor if needed. Finally, the facilitator will ensure that the work is completed on time and will be in charge of final submissions. • Outline recorder - Petrona: The outline recorder will be in charge of receiving each part for the project, compiling it together and
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