Catcalling And Social Media

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Street harassment, also know as catcalling, is an action that I hate the most. Street harassment is unwanted sayings or gestures that are targeted toward someone in specific based on sexual orientation or gender, and in this case, women. Catcalling can be verbal such as “compliments,” like, “hey, baby.” Catcalling can be physical, like groping a part of the body, and it can also be sexual remarks. When I see street harassment on social media, like in a picture or a video, I feel uncomfortable, so I can’t even imagine how some women feel when they have inappropriate comments thrown at them constantly.
I think catcalling is the dumbest thing that anyone could have possibly thought of. Women don’t deserve to get harassed on the street. We want to get from point A to point B without any interruptions, unless it’s with our consent and if it’s a friend whom consent was given to. If I have to get stopped on the street for a gross man to comment on my butt or follow me, it is not going to be a very good day. Most women I know, do not enjoy the act of being catcalled, however, research from ILR (“Street Harassment Statistics”) and Hollaback!, a non-profit organization, showed that only 3%, out of 4,900 participants in the survey under the age of 40, has found street harassment flattering. Some people do like it, and I’m not going to shame, but I’d much rather have people that know me and are my friends compliment me in a nice way rather than strangers comment on my body because they

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