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The Catholic Church is an ancient community that has been studied and analyzed since it’s beginnings, over two-thousand years ago. When I was fourteen, I chose independently to be apart of this community and learn it’s specific, complex structure. It took me about five years to really get a grasp on the functions of the Catholic Church and the community it provides. Entering, I believed the Church was simply a place people gathered to worship, but over time it proved to be much more than that. Being a member of the Catholic community meant, not only, being literate in the language of the Church and the sacred, fundamental texts but additionally, being literate in the specific genres that help the Catholic community accomplish its goals. Some…show more content…
Equally as important as the old, customary texts are the new, ever-changing ones. In my parish, and in Catholic parishes through out the world, weekly bulletins are handed out giving information about what the Catholic Church is doing in your community and how you can get involved. New Catholic literature is being published every day, ranging anywhere from an a deeper understanding of the Church to advice on how to live a life in accordance with the Church. There are an endless amount of message boards and forums, Facebook groups, text message groups, the list continues. The importance of writing and rhetoric within the Catholic community is immense. If new literature was never being written, the Catholic community would cease to evolve and the mission of the Church could not be achieved. The writings of all members, ordained or lay, are essential to the Catholic community. These two categories of texts within the Catholic community, the “old” and the “new”, are not entirely separate, though. Texts formed today by ordained ministers of the Church, teachers in the community, and lay people are branches off of the initial texts that form the foundation of the Church. Recently published books, journals or blogs by Catholic authors regularly reference sacred, fundamental texts of the community. Michael Rennier is a Catholic blogger who posts his writings on a Catholic
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