Catholic Savio Research Paper

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The founder of the Dominican order was Dominic Savio, born on April 2, 1842 in Riva Northern Italy. Dominic was born to Charles and Brigid Savio, who were poor, hard-working, and pious. As a child was a remarkable boy in the sense that he mastered his emotion despite his age. He was loved and respected by his friends and he reciprocated, a he exhibited his leadership skills among his peers in a friendly manner. Furthermore, at attender age Dominic was prayerful and had an ever maturing spirituality. Dominic’s remarkable piety encouraged Fr. John Lucca the pastor at his parish, let him receive first communion at the ae of seven while others receive at their teens. The reflection he wrote down before the reception of first communion was as follows, he would go to confession and receive communion as often as his confessor permits. Second, he promises to sanctify…show more content…
Don Bosco gave him some tips to follow and he encouraged Dominic to be consistent in his pray, to always be cheerful and perform his ordinary duties extra ordinary well. His desire for sanctity urged him to practice bodily flagellation and other severe penance. Don Bosco youth to youth formation influenced Dominic in a remarkable way, thus, it fostered his leadership qualities. He also realized that becoming a saint meant, sharing his knowledge and recognizing God in his companions. His constant awareness of his companions earned much respect from his friends and they also appreciated his leadership skills. He made progress in his prayer life and developed a love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He influenced his friends to go to the chapel with him to pray the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary even in harsh weather conditions. His example and love for to virgin Mary assisted his friends to also love her and had great devotion to
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