General Church Research Paper

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The general church is the branch of government in the Church of the Nazarene that effectively and efficiently connects the members and resources of our denomination to preserve our core values and beliefs and advance our mission to preach holiness, make Christ-like disciples in all the nations, and bring relief to the needy. Recognizing the strength and equality of all partners, the general church combines and apportions time and resources for global mobilization. Simply stated, we can accomplish more united as a global denomination than we ever could at the local church or district level. As a “worldwide fellowship of believers in which there exists full acceptance within their cultural contexts,”1 the general church unites regions around the world to form an international partnership in common commitment to advance our mission and provide equal representation to …show more content…

The historic practice of providing institutions for higher education or ministerial preparation are maintained at the general church level.3 Nazarene colleges, universities and seminaries, under the direction and oversight of the general church are resolute in equipping and shaping Christlike disciples and servant-leaders for lifelong service and global impact.4 Links to digital resources are available and easily accessible for clergy and laity on our denomination’s website.5 These resources include the Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library, Didache, Preacher’s Magazine, Media Library, Document Library, the Church of the Nazarene Manual and more. Nazarene Publishing House (becoming The Foundry Publishing in February 2018) has published denominational printed resources for more than a century in order to share Wesleyan-Holiness resources of theology of hope and love that transforms

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