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Catholic Schools Essay The past 7 years at Mary Queen of Peace have been a rollercoaster of so many different things. When I first joined Mary Queen in second grade, I was very scared of everyone. Through the years I have created so many different friendships and memories. Each and every teacher has taught me so much, even though when my parents ask “Did you learn anything today?” and I say no. I have learned so much in the past 7 years through amazing, different ways of teaching. I learned about things like Newton’s Laws of Motion through Fun Fridays with Mrs. Harris, how to write my mind through journal entries with Ms. Venneman, and my states with Mrs. Venker. Also, I learned about crazy math problems with Ms. Schaefer, and about different countries and their history with Mrs. Oberkirsch and Mrs. McDermott. But most importantly about my faith through all the teachers especially Mrs. Kelly. Faith is a small word with a big meaning. My catholic faith means the world to me. …show more content…

This year my grade split up and all went to different places to help people with their charity. I went to Webster-Rockhill Ministry, with a great group of people. When I got there I did not exactly know what we would be doing. They put us to work within the hour. It was surprisingly really fun. We cleaned up a kitchen and organized it, unloaded plants from trucks so they would not have to do it, and carried goods from place to place. I really enjoyed helping the people there. Last year, we went to a place called Compassion. Compassion was a group of trucks all placed together, that told the stories of three young kids in poverty from all over the world. We were given iPods so we could listen to the kids tell their story and the trucks were decorated for each scene. I remember walking out of it wanting to help. That is what stewardship is all about, helping someone other than

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