Cato And White Beard Essay

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Battle of the beasts Cato and White Beard lasted for three days and nights, culminating in the defeat of the beasts Cato. of course. Beast Cato still maintained his 'immortal' name, although lost to the white beard, but finally left swagger, and even the white beard and white bearded pirate regiment, did not block the Cato The meaning of going. Stopped it useless, killing kill also immortal, Cato challenge white beard simply more than once twice, what method they have tried, and even the naval and world governments are killed immortal, white bearded pirate regiment also kill Not die. The departure of Cato, the end of the war, did not set off a full-scale war between the four wars, and finally let the world …show more content…

The lieutenants of this ministry were almost half deployed. Even the navy, the yellow ape, was sent by the Warring States to go to the New World and monitor the new world for action at any time . Luo Ya, one of them, was sent to Lieutenant-General Navy Headquarters. ...... simple map at the highest compartment, a large warship, Figueroa sitting at a desk, watching the hands of a new world, and the division of four imperial spheres of influence. "Beasts pirate regiment, the sphere of influence really is not small." Although Luo Ya familiar with the original story, understand the New World is the situation of the Sihuang separatism, but the specific how to separate the law, the original did not appear, he is not clear , Before has not been carefully studied. The scope of influence of the four-imperialist pirate regiment is still rather complicated. It is not that the entire new world is completely divided into four sites, but different sizes and many neutral areas. And these neutral areas may also belong to the control of some Sihuang secretly. In short, they have to be chaotic and disorganized, messing with the navy here and they can hardly act easily. The area that Luo Ya is responsible for is the sphere of influence of the beasts of the sea pirates and the island in the north. He does not need to take the initiative to attack the beasts of the sea. He only needs to monitor the movements

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