Cattle In America Research Paper

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Throughout the years, cattle have been an important to the daily life of many people. Some examples that are used from cattle are the red meat that is known as beef, their skin can also serve as a protector from harmful weather and also used in clothing, also the hobby of showing cattle is widely known in the Americas. So, how does the world keep the growing demand of cattle stable? In 1521, the United States were first introduced to cattle. Ponce de Leon brought Spanish cattle with him on his expedition and left them in the States. Nineteen years later, explorer Diego Maldonado brought more cattle in his exploration. Approximately 15 years later, organized ranching of the cattle that were brought in began in St. Augustine. The cattle were …show more content…

A bull being used for artificial insemination can breed up to 500,000 cows in their lifetime, which is usually only 5 to 10 years. After their death, a bull’s semen that is kept in the correct way, can still be used to breed generations down the line. The time for keeping semen frozen is projected at 40-45 years old. A bull that is known greatly in the show cattle industry for being deceased and still able to buy semen from them is the bull, Man Among Boys. With artificial insemination, a person can breed for the qualities they want or need, unlike natural breeding which they would receive only the qualities from the same bull that is located at their farm. Also, an advantage of artificial insemination is the availability. Anyone can find semen sales anywhere from a local cattle farm or online. And finally, fewer sires on a person’s farm is needed because they would receive a stick of semen instead of an entire …show more content…

To artificially inseminate, a trained inseminator must do the job. Many risks come with artificial insemination, so a trained person will be needed. This is a disadvantage because with natural breeding, the animals do it all themselves. Also, bull semen in insemination works the best of all the species. Although it is known to inseminate other species, they don’t typically work as well as it does for cattle. And lastly, in order to keep the semen fresh, a person would need correct technology to cool and freeze the semen. Although the semen can last a long time, it requires high maintenance to make sure it doesn’t

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