Cause And Change : Two Causes Of Climate Change

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The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. We all know that throughout the year, the climate is different. In the beginning of the year it is very cold, whereas the middle of the year it’s very hot. Although, there has been many changes in the weather and in the environment around us. Global Warming has an observable effect. For example, there are more intense heat waves, wildfires, glaciers have shrunk, ice rivers and lakes are breaking up sooner, plant and animal ranges have shifted, trees are flowering sooner, etc. All these things are caused by climate change. There are 2 causes of this. First off, Earth is like a greenhouse. Let me break it down. A greenhouse is a house made out of just glass made for growing crops. It is built like that so that when sunlight passes through the glass onto the crops, the warmth gets trapped in the greenhouse and is not able to escape. The Earth’s atmosphere plays a similar role. The sun shines through the atmosphere which warms up there Earth’s surface. At night, the Earth’s surface cools down and releases the heat back into the air. But some heat gets trapped by the greenhouse gasses of the atmosphere. Too much carbon dioxide and other gases are making this greenhouse effect stronger and stronger and this causes the Earth to get warmer and warmer. This leads us to the 2nd cause of climate change. The 2nd cause of climate change are humans. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, which is a group of 1,300 scientific experts from
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