Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking

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The Effects of Smoking Smoking is a silent killer. Smoking is the process of breathing in smoke from burning cigarette, tobacco and weed, which goes into the lungs, bloodstream, and brain thereby causing serious damages to our health. Smoking does many dangerous things to the body of both smokers and nonsmokers that people are not aware of due to lack of education and social influence. Nonsmokers can also be affected just by inhaling the air filled with smoke from smokers. So even if I don’t smoke but have people around me that smoke can impact my health negatively. Generations unborn are also at a very high risk of this deadly habit because it damages the DNA in both sperm and egg. Smoking is a dangerous habit that needs to be eradicated completely because of its devastating effect on infertility and pregnancy complications, heart disease and lung cancer. Smoking can lead to infertility and pregnancy complications, like, preterm, low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, and orofacial clefts in infants. Cigarette, weed, and tobacco contains poisonous chemicals that go straight into the bloodstream via smoking, thereby impact on the development of a female fetus’ ovaries. Women that smoke also finds it hard to get pregnant because of the irregular menstrual period. Smoking makes it difficult for women that smoke to know when they are ovulating and when there is a surge in luteinizing hormone. Smoking can also result in early menopause because of the high amount of toxins it

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