Cause And Effect Of Global Warming

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he phenomenon of global warming has become a great debate in our current society. Since the Industrial Era, the proliferation of steam powered engines, factories, and oil industries became incredible breakthroughs that stimulated the economy and evidently revolutionized the kind of world we live in today. With that being said, there are negative consequences that have built up from these inventions. The levels of greenhouse gases have increased exponentially since the 1800s. The rise of global temperatures affect sea levels, the habitats of millions of animals, and most importantly human life. As evidence becomes clearer about global warming, the concern shown by scientists, politicians, and the citizens of the world is moreover increasing. Global Warming is a phenomenon that is real and noticeable. Without proper initiatives and procedures, the generations that follow are going to have a tremendous burden. One of the main factors that affect the rise in global temperatures are greenhouse gasses. These are gases that have been building up in the Earth’s atmosphere in the last few centuries that absorb infrared radiation. This absorption is critical, because it keeps the planet from freezing. However, an increase in greenhouse gases causes the greenhouse effect, which means that the energy emitted from the sun remains trapped.
The top greenhouse gasses are composed of CO2, water vapor, CH3, and N2O. Water vapor has the largest presence in our atmosphere. An IR spectrum
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