Cause And Effects Of Stress In School

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In today’s academic world, students are faced with many challenges. While many struggle with non-academic issues such as family conflicts and peer pressure, people fail to realize that most of the stress students experience stems from school, not social problems (Denizen-Lewis; Neighmond). In fact, when students were asked in a recent study why they were stressed, the top ten answers were school-related (Rubin). Parents also sense the pressure their kids are enduring; forty percent report their students experiencing a lot of school-related stress. Many factors contribute to school-related stress, which can lead to severe mental illnesses if not treated properly. Academic pressure contributes to school-induced stress in students, which causes high levels of mental illnesses nationwide and can lead to an unhealthy effect on one’s mental health.
Anxiety, a mental disorder characterized by serious feelings of worry and fear, is one of the many mental disorders students can develop. Anxiety has an evolutionary purpose: to detect and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Highly anxious people have an overactive flight-or-fight response, which can lead them to believe and perceive threats when in a lot of cases, there aren’t. According to the National Institution of Mental Health, anxiety affects one-third of teens and adults, making it the most common mental health disorder in the world (Denizet-Lewis). Cases of anxiety and depression play key roles in suicide (Rubin). In 2014,

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