Cause And Effects Of The Age Of Exploration

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The Age of Exploration, or sometimes known as the Age of discovery, began in the 1400s and continued throughout the 1700s. These expeditions took a great deal of man power, money, and technology. Many ships were only able to cover about one hundred miles a day, making the duration of these voyages long, taking years to complete. During this period Europeans began to explore various parts of the world via sea. Most of the men did not join these voyages willingly, they were forced into service and worked around the clock minding the ships they were on. The typical diet of a sailor consisted of wine or hard liquor, pork or beef which sometimes they used fat to mix with flour when meat portions were low, biscuits, peas, and rice. Due to …show more content…

He was interested in rare items such as: exotic specimens, jewels, mineral substances, and many other goods as well. To successfully complete seven voyages, the Chinese had many different methods as to how they would tackle each voyage. The Chinese had a lot of power in the ocean, they gained this power because piracy was sponsored so heavily. Chinese were led by enlightened despot. They believed that each place should be under china as mandated by heaven. The Chinese were in favor of those who supported the idea and those who did not agree face consequences. The Ming navy consisted of 3,500 ships which exceeded any navy in the world. Their ships came equipped with an overwhelming amount of gunpower which symbolized military power. China also aimed to achieve a greater structure within their government. They were also interested in the Treaty of Tordesillas which was done by the pope. The treaty was put in place to help Spain and Portugal resolve their conflicts over newly discovered lands and goods. The Chinese became mongols in trade so much so that their foreign trade became a state monopoly. Although they were successful in trade and known for being so powerful these voyages had consequences. China ended up with a large expense for going into the Indian ocean. Their expenses came from having about 28,000 soldiers to tend to and feed in order their ships be manned. Even though China monopolized trading by having ports in various areas,

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