Cause And Effects Of The Transatlantic Trade

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Trans-Atlantic Trade
The Trans-Atlantic Trade was a complicated system of commerce between Europe, Africa, and the Americas during the eighteenth century. All three continents had different supplies and demands that were subsequently traded throughout the regions involved. The Trans-Atlantic trade was caused by the increasing demand for luxury items from Europe and Africa, eventually resulting in slavery and cultural diffusion throughout the entire world.
The Trans-Atlantic Trade system was created to satisfy the luxury demands made by Europeans. Europe began their search for better means of receiving their lavishes through the European migrants in the Americas. Europe received luxuries such as fur, silk, timber, sugar, rice, and tobacco from the America, and in return, the Americans received manufactured goods such as guns and furniture, as well as spices, tea, oils, and tools. Because of the growing demand for luxury items in Europe, and the decrease of Indian slave labor, Africa, and the Americans created a slave trade in return for luxuries such as rum, tools, cloth, iron, and gunpowder. Slaves were by far the biggest export of Africa and the largest import into the Americas, ultimately starting the popularity and increase of the Trans-Atlantic Trade.
One of the biggest effects of the Trans-Atlantic trade was slavery. The Europeans immigrating to the New World carried many diseases such as smallpox that the Indians were never exposed to, and were subsequently
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