Cause and Effect : Religion

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Cause and effect essay It's Not Just a Sunday thing More than 40% of Americans claim to attend church or synagogue regularly, and only about 15% say they never attend. Easter is one of two times a year, along with Christmas, when pews are filled to capacity in many churches, bringing to mind the question: Just why do Americans attend church? Some of the reasons include: to worship God to establish a social connection within the local community (believers or fellowship),to make one's self feel better, serve penance, sacrifice, etc.,to demonstrate goodness, deepen faith, obtain salvation, or to continue tradition.Hurt is way up there on the list. At times we find ourselves …show more content…

God knows, loneliness can eat at our sense of well-being. Being new in a community often accentuates that longing to love and be loved. And this is as it should be. God means for the church to be a place to build long-term caring relationships, to be a community in every sense of that word.

Personal growth is a factor. We learn about ourselves, we grow past childish rebellions, we grow

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