Cause and Effect of Stress in Young Children

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Determining Causes and Effects- Draft Version Jacqueline C. Winfield Professor Leverett Butts English Composition- ENG 115 Friday, November 22, 2012 Young children are not always the first people we think of when it comes to the stress factor. We tend to believe that they are living in their best years, however with changes in economic situations such as parents not remaining married, being exposed to violence, and even feeling the need to belong a child can become overwhelmed. According to Wikipedia contributors, stress in young children can be beneficial to proper growth and development if it is not persistent (2013). Stress in young children should be monitored by caregivers, teachers, and others to prevent youth from…show more content…
This increases the needs for medical doctors and researchers to aid in children’s well-being. Stress can make one over-aggressive causing children to become more violent. This possibly will increase the rates in bullying in schools at present to domestic abuse in the future. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is define as a mental condition that can affect a person who has had a very shocking or difficult experience and that is usually characterized by depression, anxiety, etc.( Merriam- Webster, 2013). When PTSD is not diagnosed for a long period it harms the brain causing impaired brain circuit formation resulting in small brain size in younger children (Wikipedia, 2013). Another effect of stress in youth is obesity. It has been an ongoing problem in past years. With the increasing demand of fast food chains it has become a quick fix for people to over indulge in horrible eating habits. With fast food restaurants’ remanding open late night and the famous value menu we are losing our youth to chubbiness. Between the factors of PTSD and obesity a child may become withdrawn. When this happens it can increase suicide rates. Children who are withdrawn may struggle in school, have frequent mood changes, feel neglect, and generally inadequate to their peers. As shown in the graph below, children make up 50% of people affected by
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