Cause of the Disappearance of the Indus Valley Civilization

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There are many theories as to the cause of the disappearance of the Indus valley civilization, including violent conflict with the Aryans, intermarriage with the Aryans, floods, drought, and/or decline in trade with other societies. Topic 1: On several occasions in class, we discussed the processes of accretion and syncretism. Describe and analyze the cross-cultural influences in a Mediterranean and Indus Valley context. Your essay should provide examples of cultural (remember the components of culture we discussed early in the semester) interchange between different societies and civilizations. Introduction Culture is the complex combination of intellectual, artistic, material, scientific, and technological developments in a society. In addition, culture is comprised of the established religious, political, social, and economic institutions in a civilization. Finally, language is perhaps the most critical component of culture. Language is the medium for the expression of thoughts, perceptions, sentiments, and values that characterize a community. Cultural traits and complexes, or micro- and macro-level patterns of communication and behaviors, further form the unique traditions associated with a collective identity. Cross-cultural interchange fosters transformation of the dynamic narratives that are the essence of a people. Two of these cross-cultural processes affecting the formation and evolvement of human societies are accretion and syncretism. Syncretism
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