Causes Of Colonial Exploration In The Late 1700s

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Colonial exploration in the mid to late 1700s led to stressful times for some countries. Great Britain was one of them. Their American colonies caused them much grief as they tried to take over their society. The British imperial policies towards its colonies made resistance higher to British rule and their commitment to republican values. The British imperial polices were too strict and caused difficulties within American colonies.
The British caused more than enough problems with their colonies to start a controversy. They used mercantilism to try and take permanent control over the colonies. The colonies were to only buy from the British and sell to the British. They also wanted to regulate their imports and exports perfectly so they would import less than exporting to make them look like a high economically successful country. Which they were, but they fixed it to make them look like the superpower of Europe. Another idea they imposed onto the Americans was the dreaded Stamp Act. The colonies didn’t take the act well. They were forced to use stamps on every piece of paper they would use. They also had to buy these stamps from the British only. The taxes were steep and on unnecessary items to the knowledge of the colonies. The colonials knew that these acts were unfair and cruel. They didn’t know how to handle it at the time. Another act that was out of line was the Townshend tea tax. The colonies became addicted to tea due to the caffeine. It was highly valuable to them.

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