Causes Of Community College

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Community College Woes and Solutions
Regardless of a person’s background, college represents a stepping stone on the path to a sound future. Community college, in particular, reaches out to a vast array of students from all backgrounds. The role of community colleges in society is absolutely vital because they provide greater opportunities for students’ futures as well as educating the workforce. Despite these advantages, community colleges are facing a problem; students are dropping out of college.This issue affects both the students who do not receive a full education as well as society, which loses a potential educated worker. Alina Tugend’s article “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates” examines why students might be dropping out and offers several solutions to this issue, including more counselors and lower tuition. Community colleges should implement the article’s solutions because community colleges have serious issues regarding remedial classes, overwhelming choices, and financial strife. The goal of most college students is to get a degree so that they can move fluidly into the workforce. The search for a degree is difficult when colleges require fruitless remedial courses that do not contribute to a degree and that use students’ financial aid money. This problem is extremely widespread in community colleges. Alina Tugend writes, “Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of students at community colleges take at least one remedial course

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