Causes Of Man Causes Climate Change Essay

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Kaisha Struve-Wanatee
Adv. LA 10
21 November, 2017
Man Is The Cause Of Climate Change
Imagine this; Our world with thick coal colored clouds, we’re having to wear gas masks to breathe. Animals, except fish, are going extinct due to not having grass to eat. There isn’t any fresh water so we have to boil our water over terribly hot fires. The nights are freezing cold and the days are extremely hot with humid thick air, even sometimes there are immensely strong rainstorms of acid rain. Our world doesn’t need to be like this; Man is the cause of climate change due to the overuse of fossil fuels, using aerosol products, and even deforestation.. sw3The most impactful way man causes climate change is through burning fossil fuels, we as humans cause air pollution directly through our use of gases, electricity and transportation. Also air pollution can be caused indirectly, when we buy our food and other goods it uses energy to create, clean, and ship the item. The foremost way we cause air pollution is through emissions from vehicles, and even greenhouses use fossil fuels, the greenhouse effect makes it warmer. How the greenhouse effect works is that chemicals are let out into the atmosphere then some of the chemicals absorbs heat, some examples of greenhouse gases are nitrous oxide , methane, ozone, and carbon dioxide. Another way man causes climate change is by the use of aerosol cans and product. Aerosols effect on Earth’s climate is that it will scatter light

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