Causes Of Organ Donation In Malaysia

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Organ Donation in Malaysia

Organ donation is becoming more important nowadays. There are numerous of news surrounding organ donation which is shown on the newspaper and through media. Many patients are on the transplantation wish list, waiting for the organ donors to extend their lives. Therefore, the increasing number of organ donors is the most popular issue that people concerned these few years. This essay will discuss about the relationship between organ donors, transplantation and the number of the patients on the transplantation wish list. Also, the causes and effects, and several suggestions will also be provided.

Transplantation is a method of treatment for those serious disease patients which could maintain their lives by donating organs. The organs can be transplanted either from a living donors or a dead person. However, every donation should be guaranteed that there is no harm to the health of the donors and agreed by the donors or their families. According to the written parliamentary reply, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, the Health Minister of Malaysia said that the donor rate in Malaysia was only one donor per one million citizens while there are 19,000 Malaysians reported waiting for the organ transplant. This is not a good phenomenon because there is a vigorously increase of the number of patients who need transplantation but the increasing rate of organ donors are very slow.

As Figure 1 shows that the total number of Malaysians pledged as organ

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