Causes Of Poverty In America

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America is among the world leading economic, political and socially diverse countries on the planet and emerges as a great stakeholder in various global policy making. However, America is on verge some frail state because of Economic and political mismanagement that is halting back to create a better image of America globally. This includes some of the external and internal problems which need to be addressed, however I would discuss the internal factors that can help in making America better. This is called project EREO (Economic and Racial Equality opportunities) which is based to improve America economic and stability conditions. So far America faces these internal problems (along with immigrant problem), however this project aim to increase equal opportunity among minorities, females and other migrants to further enhance the productivity without sense of discrimination. Background Research:
Project EREO is based the idea of keeping human interest at first because America is land of opportunity and diversity. More than 18% incorporate into minority population in America which include several racial groups including Latino, African Americans, Asians, Europeans and other cultural groups. However, the employment rate among these minorities are decreasing because of discrimination or unequal opportunities. Along with that, the discriminative problems of equal opportunities for the women at workplace has been researched for past 5 years. Discrimination and inequality

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