Causes Of Smoking Cigarettes

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Lung disease is a broad category of diseases that affects many Americans on a day to day basis. In particular, COPD (and its component diseases) and lung cancer two of the most common of the lung diseases. In both of these diseases, the lungs are damaged by pollutants or other various particles present in the air. Cigarettes are known to be a prominent cause of COPD and lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes is known to release carcinogens alongside the nicotine it is intended to release, which enter the lungs and damage its cells.
E-cigarettes are a relatively recent invention caused by an increased public knowledge of the harm of traditional tobacco cigarettes, intended as an alternative to cigarettes in which users can intake nicotine, the active ingredient in cigarettes drawn from tobacco leaves, without being susceptible to lung disease. Supporters of e-cigarettes argue that e-cigarettes are not carcinogenic and do not cause secondhand smoke, the possibly addicting smoke released from burning tobacco products, decreasing the risk of disease from e-cigarettes. Opponents of e-cigarettes point out that the potentially harmful chemical propylene glycol is a major ingredient in e-cigarettes, as propylene glycol is often used as the fluid in the atomizer of the e-cigarette, and sometimes is used as the e-cigarette flavoring (12). In addition, e-cigarettes produce some ultrafine particles and aldehydes in addition to the nicotine and water it is intended to produce.

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