Causes Of The American Revolution

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hat drives rebellion? Is it the urge to be released from control? Or is it the inspiration of others to encourage change? These questions proved pivotal during many time periods in western civilization and certainly were echoed in the minds of many of the founding fathers during the American revolution. The American Revolution was a time of change, development, and rebellion. A period in time where the thirteen colonies gained independence from Great Britain and became known as the United States. The war that ultimately resulted in revolting, was the French and Indian war, where Britain was fighting to protect the thirteen colonies, and fighting against the French for Canadian control. After defending and protecting the colonists, the British government forced taxes on the colonists in an effort to both control and manipulate their actions, and to pay off British debt from the French and Indian War, as evidenced by the enactment of the Stamp, Quartering and Sugar Acts.
During the French and Indian war many expenses were incurred, thus making British government go into a large debt. Numerous amounts of taxes were places on American colonies in order to pay for this debt. “The nation has run its into an immense debt to give them this protection; and now they are called upon to contribute a small share to the public expense” (Document 1). Great Britain has a large debt because the government has to protect the people and for this protection money must come from the
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