Causes Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The Movement for Civil Rights in the United States, has played an essential role in ethnicity equity issues, championing and advocating citizen rights of African-Americans and abolishing public and private racial discrimination against black people in America. The movement has lasted more than one hundred years, and still has a positive effect on the contemporary world, weakening, to some extent, the unequal treatment of black people in America. Although the movement has existed for a few hundred years, the achievement of black leaders so far has been meaningful for African-Americans in continuing to fight for their status in society, racial discrimination was present nationwide. This essay will explain both the historical causes, and the probable effects, of the Civil Rights Movement.


There are many reasons for the Civil Rights Movement. The historical discipline, political science, and the laws play important roles in roots and origins of the African- American civil rights movement which began in the 1950s. After the second world war, since the large scale of Blacks slave who lived in the South experienced inequity treatment, the potential resistant consciousness emerged gradually, which is a blasting fuse of a rising movement. What is more, owing to the prejudice against African Americans, “separate but equal” doctrine was added to “Jim crow” law which enforced racial discrimination with blacks in the southern America, the propose of segregation was

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