Causes Of The Revolutions Of 1848

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The Revolutions of 1848 were the result of the social, economic, and political stress placed upon Europe during the nineteenth century which caused multiple uprisings to rival the conservative system. Europe, in the early 1800's, saw the Industrial Revolution having a significant impact on previous social and political structures. In addition, the conservative monarchy during the time was fearful of the lower and middle classes establishing power over them, looking at the French Revolution in 1815 as an example. This essay explores the effect that the industrial revolution and nationalism had on the lower and middle classes to cause the revolutions of 1848 in Prussia, Germany. The Industrial Revolution and nationalism both played a …show more content…

Socialism was the ideology created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that highlighted the idea of abolishing private property and giving the political power to the working class. This greatly appealed to the lower class while displeasing the conservative aristocracy because it would reduce and degrade their power by labeling everyone as equal. What ultimately catalyzed the revolution was the harvest failure of 1846 which created widespread hunger all throughout Germany. While the middle class could afford and accommodate for themselves through this difficult time, the lower class could not find any source of relief. This resulted in violent uprisings from the working class, and a demand for food from the sources of power in Berlin in March of 1848. In conclusion, the economic pressures of working class created by the Industrial Revolution in Prussia created social unrest that ultimately led to the demand for relief, and the March Revolution of 1848.
The Industrial Revolution created a wealthy middle class who wanted more political power, creating the ideologies of liberalism and nationalism which caused the revolutions of 1848. The political system of Prussia, prior to the revolution, was a conservative monarchy ruled by the Kaiser, Frederick William IV at the time, and wealthy nobles. Through the industrial revolution, a middle class of professional occupations emerged and profited from new businesses, gaining economic power and consequently, wanting political

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