Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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20 witches were sentenced to death in Salem 1692. Salem was made up of about two varieties of individuals. Puritans which were Protestant Christians and English immigrants. The Puritans believed anything that was written in the bible. They believed that the devil was real and that he was liable for the witches. He would enter a person’s body and convert them into a witch. Within Exodus 22:18 it states, “Though shalt not suffer a witch to live!” This ideology convinced the settlers that anyone who was proven to be a witch should be killed. However, no substantial evidence or proof that someone was a witch could be concluded; however, the people still wanted the accused witches to be killed. Now, why were twenty people sentenced to death in Salem because they were accused of being a witch without any corroborating evidence? We will discuss this with the principal concepts of Age/Gender; Acting/Lying; and the want of Power/Money. One reason behind the witch trial hysteria was Age/Gender. A piece of evidence that supports this cause is, sixty-one of the hundred and ten accused female witches - 55% - were married. Sixty-five of the eighty-eight accused female witches - 74% - were forty one or above. Additionally, twenty-three of the twenty-nine female accusers - 79% - were single. Thirteen of the twenty-seven female accusers - 48% - were between the ages of sixteen and twenty. This evidence helps justify the hysteria and the hangings because it illustrates how young single
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