Causes Of Visceral Pleura

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The parietal pleura drains its lymphatic fluid into the internal thoracic chain anteriorly and intercostal chains posteriorly, while the diaphragmatic pleura drains into the mediastinal, retrosternal and coeliac axis nodes.

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Importance of difference in drainage to that of lung in the behaviour of malignant mesothelioma. Recognized in latest 8th TNM revision with no demarcation between N1 and N2 as per lung cancer, just N1 for all ipsilateral nodal metastasis.

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The visceral pleura is devoid of somatic innervation. Nerves of the visceral pleura originate from the thoracolumbar sympathetic system and are supplied via the pulmonary plexus. The visceral …show more content…

With a combination of sharp and blunt dissection, the parietal pleura is mobilized off important structures, namely aorta, left subclavian artery, left common carotid artery, phrenic and vagus nerves on the left and on the right, subclavian vessels, azygous vein, superior vena cava and phrenic nerve.

Resection of malignant solitary fibrous tumours, arising from the parietal pleura may require resection of underlying chest wall if tumour invasion beyond the endothoracic fascia is suspected or apparent.

Even in primary malignant disease of the pleura partial thickness resection over the diaphragm ???????????????? as there is a potential plane between the parietal pleura and the diaphragmatic muscle fibres.

Do we actually perform partial thickness resections in malignant disease or should we get rid of this sentence all together?

Again when removing a malignant pleural tumour it may be possible to dissect a plane between the pericardium and mediastinal pleura if there is direct invasion then a part of pericardium must be resected en bloc

The parietal pleura receives its blood supply from systemic arteries. These include intercostal arteries, bronchial arteries, branches of the internal mammary and subclavian artery. Drainage is mostly through the bronchial veins or directly into the vena cavae. The visceral pleural is supplied by the bronchial arteries and the pulmonary circulation. Its venous drainage

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