Causes Of Water Shortage In China

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Do you know people do not drink water for three days will die? Nowadays, more and more countries face to the environment problems, which are food shortage, water problems, and pollution problems. Also, China has rapid economy development now, so it caused many environment problems. Especially, Chinese people are facing the water shortage problems now. China's population accounts for 20 percent of the world's population, however, China's freshwater resources account for only 7% of global water resources (Popular Science in China, 2013). Also, many industries polluted rivers and lake. To solve water shortage problems, there are three solutions which are the government published the policy that is birth control in China, controlling the industrial wastewater by laws, and The South-to-North Water division project. Water shortage in China has three main causes that are the growing populations, water pollutions, and fresh water distribution is uneven. At first, China has 1.37 billion people now and accounts for 20% of the world's population, but China only have 7% fresh water (Shemie & Vigerstol, 2016). Therefore, water supply cannot appropriate water demand in China. Second, there are serious water pollutions in China because many industries discharge wastewater, which has chemical materials into rivers, lakes, and coastal waters in the rural areas. Also, these polluted water cannot be the drinking water. Third, the South of China has 80% fresh water, but the North of China has
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